Thursday, 13 October 2016

Good Night Quotes For Him

At this time so many boy and girl can use Android mobile phone and this mobile phone we can use facebook and whatshap.At night time we can share good night messages for each other and at this time every boy and girl has Family member. So night time every girl and boy can send message for your Family member.

Good Night Quotes For Him:

Cute Goodnight Quotes for Him

There are a lot of sweet things you can do for your guy, but the gestures you make when you are apart can be some of the most meaningful to him. Even if he is not into public displays of affection, your guy is thinking about you before he goes to sleep. He may pretend to be a tough guy when he’s around his friends, but he loves to know you’re thinking of him too and will definitely smile if you send him a sweet message before bed. If you find yourself losing sleep thinking about your guy, chances are that he is also having a hard time falling asleep because he is thinking about you! A great way to pass the time while you try to fall asleep is to send your guy a sweet quote showing him how much you care about him. There are a lot of quotes out there suited for romantic good night messages, so we have compiled a list of some of our favorites for you to try out. Keeping reading to see the top good night quotes for him!

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1 “My nights are longer than my days since I am not by your side, but it’s all worth it-dreaming about you wakes me up with a smile mile wide…Good night”
Why this is a sweet quote: Even though he knows you love him, he loves to hear that he is on your mind even when the two of you are apart. It will make him feel especially good to know that he is the last thing you think about before you go to sleep and also the first thing you think about when you wake up. And he is definitely glad to know he is not the only one losing sleep when you two are apart!